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You probably have heard about The 1619 Project, but do you know what’s wrong with it?

The 1619 Project

The 1619 Project was created by Nikole Hannah-Jones and her team, for the supposed purpose of telling America’s history, truthfully.

On the 400th anniversary of this fateful moment, it it finally time to tell our story truthfully.

The 1619 Project

The whole point of this project is to “prove” that America was not founded in 1776 but rather in 1619, the year the first slave ships arrived in this country. This project’s only job as far as I’m concerned is to make people more racist not less. When we look at the past we see the evils were always eventually overcome by good, but Nikole Hannah-Jones wants us to believe that the evils we saw in the past will always be in the present and the future. She wants us to believe that our country is all evil, our past is all evil, and we are all evil. (unless of course you literally bow and give money to the woke mob)

According to The 1619 Project, our democracy’s principles were false in 1776. The whole life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness matter in the Declaration of Independence was racism, not freedom. The Civil War was racism. The Civil Rights Act was racism. Everything is some form of racism, yes even traffic jams.

Furthermore, the whole point of the Declaration of Independence was to protect the founders’ slave holdings. This makes no sense at all. The whole point of the Declaration of Independence was to break away from Great Britain who at that time still had slaves, and did not full abolish slavery until 50 years later. If the founders of this nation wanted so badly to have slave rights would they not have succeeded to Great Britain and not started a war against them?

How Is The 1619 Project Supposed To Help?

This project is wanted by its creators to be the standard of American history. The old history books should be done away with, and we should only use this as our model. Even if The 1619 Project is true and completely correct it should not be held as a standard, nor any other history text. If we all used the same book or text there would be nothing to contrast or compare it to, thus making it impossible to know if it is the true representation of history. This is one of the things that makes liberty and freedom so beautiful. You have the right to choose what you follow or read. The first signs of a communist regime is taking away our books and political opinions.

No matter how you look at this corrupted view of history, there is no way that it could even help. If it were true it is being pushed for the wrong reasons. Sadly, The 1619 Project is already being taught in public schools all across the country, more than 4,500 in all. The public school system is now an indoctrination camp with sugar coating, following the money trail that is falling out of the pockets of many elites, many who were not even elected by the people.

Capitalism Is Built On Slavery

The very system that made Nikole Hannah-Jones rich, is fiercely attacked in her project. Many of the left pushing socialists are rich because of the system they are trying to tear down. Because of capitalism we are allowed to spend our money on pretty much anything we want. You may like baseball so you buy baseball gear but your friend likes basketball so he buys basketball gear. In a society where the government is purely socialist, we all get a baseball glove even if you don’t like it or want it.

The 1619 Project states that slavery is the model for American capitalism. That in and of itself makes no sense. Capitalism is the most free economic system in the world. It gives us the right to use our own money, not the government spend it. If the slaves were really persecuted under capitalism show me! According to Race And Culture: A World View the South in America who had the most slaves actually suffered economically because of it. The North’s economy was booming with many more factories, railroads, and banks. And this was just one year before the civil war, slavery definitely did not make America rich, it in fact hurt America. 

Because Capitalism is the most free economic system in the world, slavery will kill it not support it. For example, (this goes into the idea of minimum wage but I will not go into it now. If you would like to read a detailed explanation of why it does not work please let me know in the comments below) if you wanted a job you would go look for one. Those words I just wrote prove that Capitalism is not slavery, but far from it. In the case of slavery, we do not get to look for a job, we are taken by force and put to labor under a Slave-master. We no longer have the choice to choose, we will forever be in bondage to the person who “owns” us. 

Now back to the free economy. Let’s assume that you wanted to work at your local sandwich shop so you go in and ask what they pay (you have to ask this question because those bills aren’t gonna pay themselves!). They kindly reply that they will pay you $0.50 an hour. At first you look at them and smile waiting for their joke to end and get down to business, but when you meet their gaze you realize that they are dead serious. After storming out of the building in rage, at how someone could be so audacious, you look up and notice a yellow sign reading, “$14.00 Minimum Wage; Now Hiring.” There was no need for you to take the first job that you sought, because of this wonderful system that we call Capitalism. Contrary to Nicole Hannah-Jones and her team, Capitalism frees people who are being paid nothing, A.K.A. slavery.

In A Nutshell

To sum up The 1619 Project into a digestible piece of information it can be composed into three claims.

  1. Preserving slavery was the real cause of the American Revolution.
    • The whole point of our beloved American Revolution was to preserve slavery at all costs.
  1. Everything in America is racist, and always will be.
    • Since the original founding of America in 1619, America was racist, and now everything is racist… yes even traffic jams.
  2. Slavery made America rich.
    • Those who truly loved slavery and used it in a brutal way were created rich such as the Slaveowners in the South.

Thanks For Reading!

Thank you so much for reading this article! If you would like more content on this topic check out my post on, “Do All #BLACKLIVESMATTER? ”, or, “What Is Critical Race Theory: What The Media Won’t Tell You” Last year was a craaazzzyyy summer; I wonder if this summer will be that same, it is already looking that way. Until next time, In Christ, Austin Anderson.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

Isaiah 5:20

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  1. This was a great blog Austin! It’s more important than ever before to be deeper in the true word, the Bible because unfortunately the elites are slowly destroying history and indoctrinating our youth with false information and evil lies. Also I’d love to know your perspective on why minimum wage does not work. 🙂


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