Reading Log

Well, now you’re in my house so excuse the mess. I have to give a hat-tip to Doug Wilson for this idea. Thanks Doug.

This is a list of the books that I have finished starting now (the month of October).

Cloak of the Light★★★★★
Not flesh and blood
Chuck BlackNovember
Dante AlighieriNovember
The Door Before★★★★
We’re waiting, Cyrus
N.D. WilsonNovember
The Great Divorce★★★★
The layers have layers
C.S. LewisNovember
Summa Theologica★★★★
Very nice
St. Thomas AquinasNovember
Andrew and the Firedrake★★★
Douglas WilsonNovember
The Chestnut King★★★★★
Good guys always win
N.D. WilsonNovember
Dandelion Fire★★★★★
Still page turning
N.D. WilsonNovember
Marine Sniper★★★
Charles HendersonOctober
100 Cupboards★★★★★
N.D. WilsonOctober
God’s Word Alone★★★★
Very well researched
Matthew BarrettOctober
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court★★★
Funny and thought-provoking
Mark TwainOctober
Rescue At Los Baños★★★
Assiduously thorough
Bruce HendersonOctober
Writers to Read★★★★
Quick and informative
Douglas WilsonOctober
Le Morte D’Arthur★★★★
Sir Thomas MaloryOctober
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