Wearing a mask is fine. Being forced to wear a mask, is not.


In my research I’ve concluded that most of the world is not properly educated on this virus.

It is a coronavirus just like the flu.

The death rate is only a mere .04% worldwide.

So in every 1000 people, 4 will actually die.

That is so incredibly low for us to call it a pandemic.

There are so many other viruses and illnesses that we could be freaking out about if we really had to freak out.

Because of this “pandemic”, all non-essential businesses were shut down in America. 

People were forced to close their businesses.

There was one woman whom I heard about that did not have enough money to feed her children, so she reopened her business. She was then taken to court.

I do not know what happened to her but how awful is that?

Her children were possibly going to die from starvation, not COVID-19.

The Mask

The mask used to be a symbol of protection for the wearer, now it is a symbol of slavery.

You may ask what I mean by this.

Well, most of the masks people wear don’t even work.

Some of them are usually used to protect the wearer from sawdust or fine metal in the air.

Now it is one of the most obvious symbols that our freedoms are being taken away.

A few days ago in Montana where I live, Governor Steve Bullock mandated everyone wear masks in public and if you want to, in private and if you don’t you can get fined up to 200 dollars.

I know this has already somehow happened in other states, but it is completely unconstitutional.

And people need to stand up for their rights.

In the recent Montana mandate to wear masks the government said you can wear cloth masks, which are proven to not keep COVID-19 from spreading.

The governor is definitely no health care professional and should not even be suggesting let alone telling us what the best thing for our state’s health is.

The mask actually harms you.

Depleting the oxygen from your blood is just one of its deadly side effects.

For the full truth on it please watch the video below.

Here is a shorter video also.

What Is Essential?

Well according to the government Liquor stores and Abortion Mills are essential.

That makes complete sense, right?

Toby Sumpter puts it in such a truthful way, “And remember: we didn’t just shut down nursing homes, isolating the sick and the vulnerable. No, we shut everything down. Everything ‘non-essential.’ What does that mean? It meant everything except liquor stores. And abortion clinics. Because if we’re all going to die, we definitely want to die drunk and killing our babies.”

We can’t let the government run our lives now or ever if we want to still be a free country in 5, 10, or 20 years.

Who knows? 

Maybe this will be our last year of freedom.

The only way to prolong our freedoms is to pray that God will turn our nation around.

And to stand up for what we believe.

How Do I Know What To Believe?

With thousands of news sources out there it is hard to know who to believe.

The top and very liberal mainstream media “controls” vast amounts of people.

What do I mean by control?

I’m trying to tell you that the world is scared of Covid-19 because of the media’s false narratives.

When the Sars virus hit the world, we did not go crazy.

I know many people who listen to CNN, NBC, and ABC every day and take what the report tells them as the best thing to do.

For instance, I heard this off of a Generations podcast by Kevin Swanson.

[In 1996 when President Bill Clinton went to Mount Rushmore for one of his reelection campaigns ABC news referred to it as “A place where American ingenuity and creativity came together and formed an amazing American accomplishment.”.

Later in 2008 when President Barack Obama went to Mount Rushmore the mainstream media called it “A Majestic site that every president should visit.”.

In 2016 when Bernie Sanders was running for president he said that “He was humbled to be in the presence of four of the greatest American presidents.”

Recently, in 2020 when Donald Trump went to Mount Rushmore CNN described it as “A celebration of white supremacy, and Trump will stand before two former slave owners on land wrestled away from Native Americans.”]


As you hopefully can see mainstream media has a serious agenda, so don’t fall into this world’s ideology. 

They don’t like Trump because he does not follow their beliefs, which is what almost everybody who watches them believes.

No Mask, Who Cares

In some states, if you go outside without a mask, you can be fined.

In all states, if you burn down buildings, you can be put in jail.

In America, if you murder people, you will be put in jail unless you are rioting for “Black Lives”.

I believe that #AllLivesMatter no matter the color of your skin or the age of your body.

You may not believe this, but presidents, senators, etc. bend their knee to the media’s lies. 

Because the media said that these riots were for noble reasons states took absolutely no action in trying to stop them.

People died defending their country from rioters.

Black rioters murdered Black citizens.

And nobody was fined for not wearing a mask.

Masks are supposedly used to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19, so you would think that the government would try as hard as possible to make black people wear them to keep them safe, right?

Surprisingly this is not the case at all!

In some states, the black community are exempt from the mandates, because of stress.

Masks not only restrict oxygen intake but also can cause long term health effects.

So who’s looking out for the black community?

Anthony Fauci, the leader of NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases).

He knows masks are scams.

That’s why he’s fine with black people not wearing them, to make him look good.

To learn more about Anthony Fauci watch this video.

It’s Illegal

In my opinion, these mandates are completely unconstitutional.

The government is telling us that we have to wear a mask that doesn’t even work, a mask that harms us.

Anthony Fauci himself says he wears the mask as a “symbol” and knows they don’t work “100%”.

Never believe what someone says without proper research first.

Did you know that there are aborted babies in vaccines, or that 3 towers fell on 9/11, not 2?

Aborted Babies in vaccines.



We are supposed to be able to take care of our bodies as we see fit, not as the government sees fit. 

Numbers Do(n’t) Lie

This “pandemic” is run solely on numbers and fear.

These being exploited by countless sources, and only being exposed by few sources.

The media is good at making the number much, much, bigger than they really are.

The news doesn’t talk about the death rate very often, only for seniors who have a higher chance of getting this virus.

Those numbers are going to of course be scarier.

I already told you the death rate but you can work it out for yourself if you are still skeptical. 

According to Worldometer.com there 15,359,529 cases of COVID-19 as of 7/22/20 and 625,342 deaths from it, so all we have to do is divide 625,342 by 15,259,529 and you get .04% death rate.

Now you can believe me.

Read For Yourself

Thank you for reading this, please keep continuing to do your own research, from sources other than the mainstream media.

Part 2 will come out next week, stay tuned by subscribing for the latest conservative news amongst this “pandemic” from a Christian Worldview.

Further reading and links:

Here is the Mask Exposed video https://youtu.be/KeovvuviAJM

Masks Don’t Work video https://youtu.be/wegZJI6NvpU

Why Unborn Babies Matter https://force.school.blog/2020/06/11/do-all-blacklivesmatter/

More about masks https://www.tobyjsumpter.com/cheerfully-difficult/?fbclid=IwAR0Mtgy8_6CgLyVLbOOPf9o_e2ZJDPQXBle-n9tvP5niXMlgUVg7b4ucwuU

Dr. Shiva on Fauci https://youtu.be/86VJlhw0DQQ

Aborted Babies in vaccines podcasts 1 https://www.generations.org/programs/896

2 https://www.generations.org/programs/1739

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  1. Thank you for the informative post. I liked all the links that you added for more information!


  2. I actually met Kevin Swanson but i didn’t know he did a podcast. I agree in all the points you made, but you left something unclear: what do you think we should do?


  3. I also liked the added links so that we could go to more information. I too enjoy listening to Generations podcast as it gives a biblical perspective on today’s world and I believe Toby Sumpter’s blog is solid information as well. I’m excited to read your Part 2.


  4. I would love to hear you tell us what you think Jesus would do about a mandate to wear masks. Jesus lived in far more repressive conditions that we do. Could you write something about how Jesus responded to the oppression of the Roman government?

    Liked by 1 person

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