How Many Executive Orders Has Biden Done?

America was set up as a Constitutional-Republic but now under Biden’s new administration, it is starting to look like a Monarchy.

How Was America Set Up?

Originally, it was supposed to take time, effort, and thought to change rules or make new ones. Now it is as simple as saying it is urgent and putting an executive order stamp on the rule and there you have it, a new rule. 

Slowly ever since America was founded we have become more and more liberal and less constitutionally grounded. If our founding fathers saw what this country has become they would be abhorrent of it.

The Order Of Business

Sadly this is not some small business but instead, it is the whole United States of America.

Here is a list of most of Joe Biden’s executive orders so far…

  1. Reentry with the World Health Organization (WHO). Jan. 20
  2. A new COVID-19 response coordinator position. Jan. 20
  3. Voided Keystone XL’s oil pipeline permit. Jan. 20
  4. Started a new program to help advance “racial equity” (1776 Commission). Jan. 20
  5. Revoking an order that stops illegal immigrants from taking part in American censuses. Jan. 20
  6. Requiring masks and social distancing on all federal property. Jan. 20
  7. Stopping some COVID-19 travel restrictions. Jan. 20
  8. Trying to stop gender identity discriminations in combat. Jan. 20
  9. Federal workers now have to take the “ethics pledge”. Jan. 20
  10. Ending harsh treatment of illegal immigration as well as less immigration police enforcement. Jan. 20
  11. Voiding several different executive orders on federal regulations. Jan. 20
  12. Starting COVID-19 testing board. Jan. 21
  13. Improving the analysis and collection from COVID-19 data. Jan. 21
  14. New OSHA directives to keep workers “safe” Jan.21
  15. Require face masks at places of transportation including airports. Jan. 21
  16. Start a COVID-19 Equity Task Force. Jan. 21
  17. Tell different agencies to increase the supply in food aid, and improve methods of distributing stimulus checks. Jan. 22
  18. Void ban on openly transgender people serving in the army. Jan. 22
  19. Stop the Justice department’s use of “private prisons”. Jan. 26
  20. Restart America’s “Council of Advisors on Science and Technology”. Jan. 27
  21. Lower current restrictions to joining Medicaid. Jan. 28
  22. Create new task forces to reunite separated immigrants at the border. Feb. 2

There Will Be More

This is a very long list of Executive orders especially in the first 2 weeks of Joe Biden’s inauguration. Every day the list will grow. We no longer need congress or the senate if the president can skip all the rules or simply make up new ones!

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I'm 14 years old, a Christian, and an entrepreneur. I like to help people and to learn to make money online, I created this blog to be the start of my followers who can also help the community!

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  1. Thank you Austin. It’s funny that last year Biden said that Trump signing so many executive orders was a President acting like a “Dictator”. I guess it’s okay if your a “Biden”. Just ask his son “Hunter” about the perks of being a “Biden”!

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