Is The Fraud Real?

After a “close” victory for Joe Bide, what basis does President Trump have to challenge the “called” election with?

The Basis

Constitutionally every president or running president has a right to challenge an election. Many presidents have done this before. When you challenge an election that does not mean you’re going to stay in the White House or that you will start mass riots. It actually means that if you believed there was fraud, then you take it to court to see if there was actually fraud or not. 

The reason Trump is doing this is that universal mail-in balloting has not been done before in America. When it has been done in other countries they have found massive amounts of fraud at every level (local, state, and federal, etc.). Even in some of the democratic primaries they have found fraud this year.

The Fraud

Fraud is a real thing despite what the mainstream media may say. It had been discovered many times before. Even in this election, we have seen fraud already. There are three main types of fraud. 

  1. Bloated Voter Rolls. 

This happens when there are more voters than people or things like that. For example, in 244 counties in America, there are more registered voters than people legally able to vote. And 29 states have counties with more registered voters than legal residents. Lastly, 8 whole states (not just their counties) have more registered voters than people of voting age, that includes people who can’t even vote legally.

  1. Ballot Harvesting

In 2016 California made it legal to Harvest Ballots (Ballot Solicitation). This is where a third party can go door to door collecting other people’s ballots so they can bring them to be counted instead of the person voting. This third party can be allowed to harvest ballots even if they have a clear political agenda. Nothing is stopping these people from “accidentally” losing the other party’s ballots or just changing them altogether. 

  1. Non-Citizen Voting

The name explains it. This is where a non-American citizen votes in an American election. Because the Democrats support illegal immigration they obviously support this. There are 11 states that support some form of non-citizen voting and they are all run by Democrats.

The Media

Why are these types of fraud increasing activities even legal? Well in part it is the main-stream media’s fault. Now many of the things that used to not even make it to the “drawing board” are being accepted as a given. Many times in movies or books we see people being brainwashed in the following ways. 1. They are constantly hearing what someone else wants them to believe. 2. They are seeing what someone else is wanting them to believe. 3. They can’t escape from what they don’t believe. 

This is exactly what is happening. Ever since the media has taken control of most American citizens, people have hung on the edge of their seats, believing and doing every word that they hear from the media. The media is everywhere, it’s on your TV, on your phone, on your computer, constantly telling you propped up stories and fake news.

The media in this election have continually said that voter fraud is little to none and that the right-wing party is just making a fuss about nothing. Even if it is a fuss about nothing we still have duties as Americans to make sure without a doubt that our election is fair. As Americans, we have always had higher standards than other countries but these standards are slowly crumbling beneath us, every time you say, “it’s not a big deal”.

Thanks for reading! Last year was crazy this year just started so what is it going to be like? Some relatives and I have started a podcast that will be up and running very soon and you all will be the first to know about it. If you have any questions about our podcast be sure to email me at Have a great day!


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