If you’re conservative you’re racist. If you’re not a social justice warrior you’re a racist. And if you don’t support BLM you’re a racist. 

To Be Clear…

Being clear is not a gift rioters have. They specialize in attacking police and then calling for help from the police when the rioting gets dangerous. They specialize in not knowing exactly what they support and throwing Molotov Cocktails at fellow rioters (because they are incredibly uncoordinated)!

Feelings before facts is an incredibly illogical way to discern any matter. For example shooting innocent people is just a way for rioters to express their feelings about police brutality. Portland has burned for over 100 days and no help has come, due to the terrible management of the city.

People are scared to go out of their houses for fear of being shamed for not supporting the narrative. If you’re not familiar with the narrative it’s that, “it’s (mostly) okay to burn cities in the name of police brutality”. 

After the riots broke out in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the rioters found that a church with BLM on it was definitely inherently racist so they burned it down along with a racist car lot. Fires Burn In Kenosha, Wisconsin After Rioters Set Church And Car Lot Ablaze.

While the secular universities are teaching people that evolution is slowly making everything more advanced; how people are acting right now proves the whole argument wrong. People are dehumanizing other people, screaming at them to yell slogans that affirm their worldview.

What Is “Critical Race Theory”?

Recently, this search term on most major internet browsers exploded. The reason? Trump, he recently called for the ban of taxpayer-funded, government CRT (Critical Race Theory) courses. CRT training is on the highest levels of indoctrination. If you know anybody that is in a public school right now they are being fed these same false ideas. The corrupt ideologies are ripping apart America starting with the schools. 

Critical Race Theory: is a theory based on feelings, not facts. It is that everything around us is inherently racist. No matter what it is, a company, person, social structure, no matter what it is made of or looks like it is not untouched by racism. People whose skin color is white are the only people who can be racist in this theory (unless of course, you’re Candace Owens). Everything in our lives was built or is being built on the basis of white supremacy. 

According to this ideological pit of lies, the only way to change this inherently racist system is to break it from within. The only action is an immediate and sometimes destructive action. The BLM riots are the poster-boys for this destructive point of view. They tell you that if you don’t believe in this you’re a racist but when in fact this is an incredible racist worldview. Saying your Grandmother is a racist because she has a job at Target which is racist because the owner of Target makes more money than the rioters and looters that are wrecking America. 

America was one of the first nations to end slavery. George Washington who was a great Godly president had slaves but he treated them extraordinarily well. His slaves were treated better than many free people at that time. He did not believe that he had more rights than any of his slaves. BLM is telling America that everybody is a racist except liberal black people. They don’t care at all about black lives, they want to put people back into slavery with their point of view. This BLM corporation is a terrible Marxist supporting company that wants people to go back into slavery, not freedom!

It Starts In The Church

I am a bible believing Christian and I will not settle for “good enough”. God requires us to do our very best no matter the circumstances (Colossians 3:23). The many American churches do not believe the bible to be the word of God anymore. If your church is supporting BLM that should be your cue to leave. 

You can’t have a true church that says they support God and satan at the same time. BLM is satanic! We need to address the problem starting in our churches. If you see a problem in your church and have prayerfully considered addressing it with the elders or pastor of your church do it! But do it out of respect. Prayer is powerful, if you don’t think you can do anything just pray. God hears you no matter your age or skin color. 

The church affects the children in the church, and the children affect the school. But what comes out of those schools is not always a high-school graduate. But rather children who have been indoctrinated in Marxism and evolution.

Has The Left Gone Over The Edge?

Recently, Cancel-Culture has taken America by storm. If you don’t hire Robin DiAngelo to teach you about CRT or post a black square on your social media accounts your job could be at risk. This essentially is blackmail. Joe Biden is furthering his campaign on the bases of blackmail, telling people essentially that the rioting and burning of cities will only stop if he is elected.

Joe Biden voted for a criminal reform bill a long time ago (because he’s really old) and now he opposes it. The left has gone over the edge. As Doug Wilson put it, “If you vote for a Democrat you’re tied up in the back of a car going 90 MPH toward the edge of a cliff; if you vote Republican you’re going 60 MPH toward the edge of a cliff. At least with Republicans, you have a better chance of changing the direction of the car.” I’m not a full Republican I am fully conservative though. Mike Pence at the RNC said this, “I’m a Christian, Conservative, and Republican in that order.” That statement pretty much sums up what I believe too.

After the Supreme Court started creating laws (Roe V. Wade) the Left started to realize the power they have. America is supposed to be on a system of checks and balances so that no governmental branch or person gets supreme power. This is ingenious but now that people don’t play by the rules this system does not work as well as it used to.

“As The Cities Burn”

“As The Cities Burn” was the title of a recent episode of “The Ben Shapiro Show”. This sums up what happens when you tell people they’re racist just by being white, or that you’re oppressed because the melanin in your skin is darker than others. As Lori Lightfoot and Gavin Newsom deliberately let their states and cities burn, people are dying. There have been more casualties as a result of the BLM protests than black people shot by the police. If your state or cities are burning that you have been put in power over and you’re taking no action against it, I’m sorry but you are a terrible leader.

Leaders are supposed to lead. California is burning uncontrollably partly because Governor Newsom and previous liberial leaders had not been letting the controlled burnings happen over the summers like they’re supposed to. Almost every day there are rolling blackouts all over California because of the “green energy sources” that the energy is coming from. It is hot there and because of that people have their AC’s on. One of the main “green sources” of energy is from giant solar farms. Though these are giant there is a subordinate amount of sunlight in the evenings so there will be less energy, resulting in these now common blackouts.

Why is so much of Gavin Newsom’s state burning? As I said before because he and other leaders of the state over the years have not at all been responsible with forest management. From 1999 to 2017 an average of 13 thousand acres of California were subjected to controlled burns every year. In February 2020 Nature Sustainability… published a report arguing that California needs to burn 20 million acres of forest in order to restore forest health.”, says Ben Shapiro. America is being judged for its abhorrent sins just like Sodom and Gomorrah. “Just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise indulged in sexual immorality and pursued unnatural desire, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire.” Jude 1:7.

Lighting strikes are not the only things starting these fires, people are as well. The list of cities that have been set on fire by these criminal rioters is more endless than the loss of endless black people being shot for no reason. Just a few days of ago two police officers were brutally shot at point-blank range in their patrol cars. Reportedly, one of the bullets fired blew off a police officer’s jaw resulting in life-threatening injuries for both of them. And then “protesters” tried to block the ambulance from going to the hospital. In videos released of these immoral people blocking the ambulance you can hear people screaming “I hope they die!”. This is not the America I want to live in!

This Is Our Chance

With so much unrest in the cities, America is very volatile. This is possibly a once in a lifetime occasion and we need to seize it. If you know that you can do something but keep telling yourself that you’re too busy or someone else will fix it, that’s not true! You can make a difference, no matter what your circumstances look like. If you don’t know where to start, just pray. Pray as you’ve never prayed before! “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Philippians 4:6.

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Today we fight, tomorrow we rejoice!

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  1. To be honest it’s pretty scary. My church is southern baptist and is apart of the Southern Baptist Convention(SBC). My pastor went to the 2020 convention a few months ago and said that the heads of the SBC are teaching critical race theory and telling the pastors to preach it from their pulpits. My pastor was shocked and doesn’t agree with any of it. He’s preached about why it’s not right and why we shouldn’t believe it many times. I’ve a had a lot of conversations with my dad about it and it’s so crazy.

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  2. Most people are not aware of what “Critical Race Theory” even is about. Much less do they even have a clue that this is being taught at the core of our education centers. This has been going on for years and it’s time people start waking up and engaging with this indoctrination. Thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention.


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