Affiliate Marketing Part 1: What is it?

   Online businesses, is that just for the pros? If you search how to make money online the first things that come up are “Make a 1000 dollars a day!” etc. But is it that easy? Over the next few weeks, I will tell you what is Affiliate Marketing and how to do it.
Making money online is a fantasy for most, but it is not that hard. You have to have the right “mindset” to be making thousands of dollars a day. Relatively, this is a simple thing to do. You promote the products that other people make so you don’t have to have a warehouse for your stuff. Another perk of it is that you can work entirely from your computer. You can work wherever or whenever you want to.
The affiliate place I recommend is ClickBank, this is an uncomplicated and trusted platform click here to sign up for free. Another thing I recommend is this website, it has a lot of perks.
Over the next few weeks, I will be explaining how and why being an affiliate is a great source of passive income online FOR FREE.

Too many people spend money they buy things they don’t impress people that they don’t like.

Will Rogers

Affiliate Marketing Part 2: Why do it?

Sitting at your desk from 9 to 5 is draining, physically, mentally, and emotionally! As you sit at “that” desk is when you think the most about being your own boss. People daily come to there job depressed that they can’t go to other countries to take a vacation to recharge and work when they want to. That’s when you hear about “Make money fast” schemes. They look good from the outside but don’t work from the inside. 

 Affiliate marketing is a great method to make online passive income. Passive income is where you use little effort to make a continuous “stream” of money, if you are wondering what affiliate marketing is, click here

 I like this means of income because it is simple and you can do it from anywhere on your computer, even on vacation. Another great thing about it is that your sales don’t disappear because on the internet things stay there not go away. Lastly, your sales can keep compounding depending on the circumstances. Next, I will be showing you how to do it! 

Affiliate Marketing Part 3: How to do it

Reading what they say is easy, doing what they say is the hard part. This way is simple and you can start with ZERO MONEY at all! It sounds so good is there a negative side? Well, yes it will require time to make your first sale, but instead of making hundreds of mistakes I will show you the main method that works.

 If you are still reading by now, you are probably serious about this. First I recommend using WordPress, this is a free and simple website building platform. Second, you need to also have a ClickBank account to be an affiliate. Then find a product to promote (If I get 10 comments asking me which product to promote I will do another series on that on that!). Two great niches to promote is “Health & Wealth”.

 The one problem with this is you will probably not be making your first sale right away. To make your first sale you will need the traffic to your website, which I will explain next time in “Affiliate Marketing Part 4: Strategies for it”.

My third and last point is after we have the first 3 how to get people to buy it. I recommend using funnels, ( Here is how to create funnels). Doing this will increase conversion rates.

  Here is an affiliate system to, if you would like “very detailed” a step by step course, click here

Affiliate Marketing Part 4: Strategies for it

Without this step, nothing will work! Go ahead and turn your TV off, so you don’t miss anything. All the components have to be present for you to succeed.

The reason most people don’t succeed at this is that they have no goal set. When you set goals for yourself and slowly achieve them, it gives you an encouraging feeling.

When you are using a website to promote things they have to have a lot of traffic for it to work. To get more traffic, you need to post at least ONCE A WEEK and do that regularly. Also, put time into your post so people stay interested and read the whole thing. The best way to get people to read your post is to have the right keywords in your headline.

Keywords are a very important subject. They not only help with SEO but can draw a potential reader in. There are a lot of free keyword planners online. Here is one

Another way to boost traffic is to put links to other posts related to the topic. Like I do here, Top Niches To Be In 2020.

Using the scarcity method is great also. You do that by saying if they (the customers) don’t hurry and buy now it may be gone forever from your website. An example is my affiliate link, which I have below. (I do recommend this course though)

Click here to be a master affiliate in no time, before it’s too late! 12 Minute Affiliate course, reserve now while it lasts!

Last but not least is funnels. What this is, is when you gain an email list you write an appealing email. In that email, you put your link in and once they click it your funnel starts to work. Here is a great funnel program ClickFunnels

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