If everybody knew how to make money online from home right now there would be a lot less debt. 

Side Hustles

You may have heard of side hustles before, they are a common topic on the internet. 

In the past, I’ve done an in-depth series about one specific side hustle, Affiliate Marketing which you should check out. 

Affiliate Marketing is a widespread way to make extra money, sometimes people even are able to make a living off of it.

When starting any side hustle or online job you need to do a tremendous amount of research before you start.

In my last post, I talked a little bit about YouTube.

Money From Videos

You can turn almost anything into a business, including YouTube.

As you have probably wondered before how people have time to make so many videos. 

Don’t they have a job?

Well for some, YouTube or other video streaming platforms are their jobs.

They get paid from how many people watch their videos and advertisements on it.

Depending on what niche you are in will regularly determine how easy or hard it will be to make money.

Next week I will talk about the top niches to be in.

When trying to make money from YouTube you need to be patient, usually, it will take a few months (if you do everything right) to get enough organic traffic to start making money.


Right now as you’re reading this you are on my website, everyday people are looking up different things on the internet through websites. 

This is a fun way to make extra money, though it is not easy to start.

When starting a website you have to be ready to commit to your website and post a new article at least once a week if you are taking it seriously.

Also, websites can be a great way to express your opinion on different topics.

My aunt just started her own website, with some help, but you can do it by yourself with lots of research. 

It is also fun to have your own website and see it develop over the years.

Network Marketing

Network Marketing, is a term you have probably heard before.

Lots of businesses use this model including dōTerra and Amway.

Most of the work in this business can be done at home.

You still may have to meet with people in person if you are interested in taking this business seriously.

Social Media 

Social media has dominated the past decade.

Billions of people use it daily, few use it to make money.

If you have any social media platform that you are currently using do not take it for granted.

It is much easier to gain followers on these platforms than with YouTube or a website.

Many platforms such as Instagram are an ideal way to make extra money.

Some ideas for making money with social media can be found in the download below.

Whenever you have an advantage in anything use them wisely and truthfully such as the servant did with the talents in the Bible. (Matthew 25:14-30)

Find Your Own Ways

In this blog post I certainly did not cover everything nor know about everything so tell me in the common section below how you make money online.

Don’t forget to download the link below for a 100% free idea chart.

Have a great day! 

Published by Austin Anderson

I'm 14 years old, a Christian, and an entrepreneur. I like to help people and to learn to make money online, I created this blog to be the start of my followers who can also help the community!

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  1. Please explain further about the YouTube way of making money. What are the most popular types of video? What should you do to make more people watch? What is the ratio of Likes – Money? How do you create a YouTube channel? What information should you feel comfortable releasing?


  2. Another great read! I believe online businesses will definitely be more of a thing after this quarantine! I know I enjoy it!!

    Liked by 1 person

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