Costco just recently mandated that all customers and employees must wear masks until further notice. 

This requirement has left many people to boycott Costco.

The People Are Mad

Costco is an enormous corporation, and they have chosen to go with the flow.

They need the media on their side, so they choose to do what the media wants most of the time.

Many people are left mad by this statement; some brave people make it public which is what we should do if we go to Costco.

All of this mask-wearing is making it look like we can’t think for ourselves, but I know that we can.

Six Feet A Part

It is recommended by the government to stay six feet apart at all times, because of COVID-19

Do you notice that it says “recommended” thankfully we still have some of our rights, not all of them but some of them. 

They can’t make us stay in our house, wear masks, or stay six feet apart. 

We should not be told what to do, every person should make their own decisions based on their own beliefs, not the government’s belief.

This Is Only The Beginning

COVID-19 is in the same category as the flu, it’s going to come back every year now. 

If the government keeps shutting businesses down the economy will never be the same. 

We all know people who are going crazy about this virus, partly because of the media telling us that it’s incredibly deadly, and also because of their own beliefs about the virus. 

Thankfully not many other large corporations have made us wear masks, but who knows Costco may have pushed the first domino over. (Resulting in other businesses doing the same thing).

Finances Down The Drain

With millions of people out of a steady income, some take drastic measures, others think before they act. 

At this point in history, there will be a noticeable separation between the people who take the time to save their money and who don’t. 

It is never too late to start saving money for the future. 

It is definitely harder right now than it was before the pandemic

You need to start saving right now. Here is an in-depth post about how to save Click Here.

What Is Costco Doing To Themselves?

As I mentioned earlier, Costco is making a lot of people mad.

Some are even boycotting them, by canceling their membership. 

This will not only hurt them but will also hurt their customer’s relationship with the company. 

Many of their consistent shoppers will probably not be coming back for a while. 

Costco will most likely go through their own little recession

Even with the loss in money flow for them, they will still have one thing going for them, the media. Mainstream media, though not always truthful, is very powerful. 

Millions of people watch the news every day, and do what the media “recommends”. 

Now that Costco has optimized themselves for the media there is a large chance that they won’t lose that much money after all.

The Path Is Clear

America started out as a free country, and it should still be one after this pandemic.

Some are saying that our freedom will look different after this than before.

I believe that is what should happen, our country should be freer, not restricted, is it not enough that the government is forcing people to shut down their business?

Some of you might be saying to yourself, “Well it’s for the best, we don’t want the virus spreading any more than it already has!”

Well if you feel that way that’s fine, the purpose of freedom especially in America is to let people make their own decisions based on what they believe.

It’s called freedom of choice!

What Should You Do?

“What should I do?” This a question many of you are probably wondering.

It’s not every day a large organization forces you to wear masks in their store.

So the answer to your question is that you need to make an educated decision not only off of mainstream news but off of littler sources surrounding you.

Please go and share this post with your friend and family, also tell me what you think in the comment section below.

Have a great day!

Published by Austin Anderson

I'm 14 years old, a Christian, and an entrepreneur. I like to help people and to learn to make money online, I created this blog to be the start of my followers who can also help the community!

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  1. Joe – I think that the main reason to wear masks is not for protection but to be reminded of the situation so you can do social distancing and all that

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  2. Nicely written! The mask may also be a “symbolic reminder” that the world powers would like all us minions to keep our “mouths covered” and stay in line (of course 6 feet apart)!

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  3. Costco has lost my business as well… I find that they are participating in harming others by this requirement… strained breathing puts people at risk… especially heart patients, claustrophobic people, others that have breathing issues…. many are being discriminated against…. good job on speaking out… maybe more will join in and the voice you started can and will make a difference

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  4. Please run for office when you are legally old enough, and thank your parents for raising you correctly!

    Our rights do not come and go, they are given by God. Hallelujah!

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  5. People can boycott Costco if they want but Costco definitely made the right call requiring masks. Everyone’s personal freedom ends when another person’s freedoms are infringed, failure to understand this undermines the entire concept because they is always a balance. Applying whatever force you have to swing the balance in your own favor at one time will only result in the destruction of freedoms for others and yourself when the smoke clears. In this case, forcing Costco to allow maskless shoppers infringes the freedom of a private business to protect its own employees during a pandemic. And you can argue that masks don’t work and this won’t protect employees. You’d lose that argument because all the facts are against it, but it doesn’t actually matter, Costco has a right to be wrong about mask wearing or to follow their own false beliefs if they are indeed false. Costco administrators have the right to enact a rule even if it’s a placebo that just makes their employees feel safer, because Costco’s duty to its employees always trumps its duties to shoppers. If some shoppers strike that’s fine, lost profits, they can go to Walmart. But if employees strike or quit no one can shop at Costco, everyone suffers, jobs are lost, homes are foreclosed.

    Try to apply the golden rule, how would you like to be forced to allow people wearing no clothes into your place of business in the name of personal freedom? So do you have a right to force people to wear clothes? If they want to come into your house or where ever you work, yes you absolutely do. Can someone bring a herd of cattle into your store, are you infringing their right to own property by saying no cattle indoors? No, it’s your place, you or your employees have to clean up any mess that occurs, therefore you set the rules. Masks may not seem nearly as damaging as nudity or cattle herds to you but that also makes them extremely easy to comply with; anyone can make a crude mask in 20-minutes. Pick your battles; is this a mandatory flu vaccine to enter Costco? Shoppers have a transactional relationship with retailers, neither of them owns the other. If they aren’t asking too much of you there’s no benefit to pretending they are, Costco isn’t going to concede on anything else just because you drew a line on wearing a mask. You just remove yourself from the conversation by being unreasonable to negotiate with, if you wouldn’t even wear a mask during a pandemic with thousands apparently dying per day (doesn’t matter if it’s True, it’s a valid perception) why bother reaching an agreement on anything else?

    The science of mask-wearing is that any facial covering helps prevent virus-laden droplets escaping your mouth/nose during breathing and talking from being inhaled and infecting other people, it’s not for your own safety. People who wear masks are doing it for the safety of others, not themselves, they are not afraid or fearful just because they have a mask on but they are definitely helping others feel less afraid by taking adequate precautions. Many people are completely unafraid of this pandemic; it mostly affects unhealthy people, we’re healthy, we’ll be fine, and maybe we even want to be exposed early so we can achieve immunity quicker. That’s great, but being low-risk is not an excuse to be ignorant how the virus affects others. Be aware how it spreads; most healthy carriers are either completely asymptomatic or at least can be asymptomatic for 3-5 days. So you, a healthy young person successfully fighting the virus can be spreading it unknowingly for days, weeks in some cases. During that time if you shop at Costco without a mask you’ll be spreading the virus freely into the air. Costco’s elderly and immune-compromised employees are not low-risk, this population suffers up to a 10% case fatality rate, so literally gets decimated by the virus. Those that survive suffer for weeks, sometimes months, during which time they can permanently lose organ function on top of their high medical costs. If one employee gets sick and comes to work, sharing break rooms and other items, half the store can become sick before they realize they have it. No sick employees will be able to go back to work if they test positive until cleared, this can easily shut down an entire store and cause thousands of dollars worth of perishable supplies to go to waste exacerbating the food shortage. So, if you were making the decision for Costco, would you let shoppers choose to add risk to the lives of your employees during a pandemic or do you risk losing some shoppers who are too selfish to empathize with the fears of my employees? To boycotters I’d say good riddance, personally, thanks for not entering Costco without a mask.


    1. If the masks work so well, there shouldn’t be a problem with people who choose not to wear them. If they don’t work (and they don’t work against viruses), then why are we required to wear them?


    2. Thank you for sharing your insight on this subject. As a 13-year-old my worldview is obviously different from yours, but they’re a few things that you said that I agree with. Costco has made their own decisions on COVID-19 based on their beliefs and influences around them. This is completely okay. Our right to making our own choices is still protected thankfully. You said that people wear a mask to protect others and themselves, while others don’t. Some people do not see the world the same way you see the world, that is why some people choose not to wear masks. There is nothing wrong with people making their beliefs public by making people wear masks (Like Costco) or other people not shopping at Costco anymore. I appreciate you taking the time to engage with me on this subject. I know these experiences will better prepare me for the future. Thank you again.

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  6. I still think masks are unnecessary except for the elderly; they should have the requirements apply only to the elderly


  7. I think it’s a courageous thing that you are wanting to push back against tyranny. Government is not in place to protect us but to protect our rights., and your spoke that very clearly.
    As John Knox said, “Rebellion to Tyranny is obedience to God”


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