Are You Rich?

Saving is hard, we like to spend not save. Our want is to possess more.

Net Worth

When we hear about someone who has a lot of money we put them in the “rich” category. The two categories that we put people in are, “Lots of Money” and “Poor”. When in reality it should be, “Cashflow”. Lots of times when people are rich could be passed down not made.


When people realize that they are broke, they panic! They look up, on the internet what to do, and then do the first thing that pops up. (Not a good method)

Make it Before You Break it

You need to make enough money to save money. Don’t go put your money in some low-interest bank, put is where it will triple in months.

Other Methods

If your financial life is on a steady decline, don’t let yourself go broke. “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” As the old saying goes. There are millions of side-hustles you can try.

Expensive Expenses

You don’t need a money and time-consuming class on how to control your money. It’s all on the internet for FREE! Don’t let yourself become poor or rich without knowing how you got there. From everything you learn you should gain knowledge. As we go into the future let’s see it as a challenge not a obstacle.

Published by Austin Anderson

I'm 14 years old, a Christian, and an entrepreneur. I like to help people and to learn to make money online, I created this blog to be the start of my followers who can also help the community!

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