I had some free time this weekend so I restored an old hatchet and thought I would share it with you a few days early! It was fun and simple to do. Unknowingly, I took the bait. What could have taken forever… thankfully did not take that long. 


You can’t really tell where the rust was after.

It was covered with rust and I did not feel like soaking it. If you really wanted to get the rust off you would soak it in vinegar for around 24 hours (depending on the circumstances). I used an electric wire brush spinner and that got most of it off very quickly.

Slip or Grip

It looked a lot richer afterward.

The handle wasn’t too bad but I thought might as well because I’m already doing the blade. I thoroughly sanded it with 200 grit to get the old finish off. You don’t usually want anything higher than that because it will be too slippery. 

The more the better?

At this point, the handle was ready for its new protective coat. It’s better to do many thin layers than one thick layer. I used tung oil because that’s all I had, but you can use linseed, hemp, teak, or walnut oil. These oils can be self-combustible so be careful. 

What to use

Electric Wire Spinner

I used an electric wire brush spinner to get the rust off.

Sharpening Grinder

This what I used to sharpen the axe.

For the long run

You want your tools to last (you save money that way). So take care of them, the way to go is oil them once a year. This will help to keep them from cracking, and let them look there best. 

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  1. It looks like fun and you did a great job. I really like the pictures of the tools you used since the visuals make a better story!


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