Being an entrepreneur is a dream, but is it a reality? The consequences are severe, but is the outcome great?

 I have lately been reading the book “The E-Myth: Revisited” it is a great book for starting your business. So before I start to pick up a copy here. This post will be based on The E-Myth: Revisted. 

Entrepreneur: Jack of all trades?

When you think about the word entrepreneur you think of a jack of all trades. This is not right in most cases. An entrepreneur is usually someone who is very good at what they do, better than most people. They want to get things done not have to wait. 

Once their business is going they end up doing everything, being the boss, janitor, the front desk assistant, the everything. It should not look like that, their only job should be, being the boss. 

Are you cut out for it?

Being a natural leader helps significantly you don’t have to change yourself. It is hard there will be tears, sweat, and in the end (Hopfully) rejoicing. If you want to make this happen, ask yourself do I want to be the boss or the janitor, the front desk assistant, the everything. 

You did it!

Do you have a good feeling while you’re doing it or bad? Is there a longing to do more, or less? All in all, I hope after you have done or as you are doing it you feel eudaimonia. That is when you know it will or has worked.

The Entrepreneur is the visionary in us. The dreamer. The energy behind every human activity. The imagination that sparks the fire of the future. The catalyst for change.

Michael Gerber, The E-Myth: Revisited

Published by Austin Anderson

I'm 14 years old, a Christian, and an entrepreneur. I like to help people and to learn to make money online, I created this blog to be the start of my followers who can also help the community!

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  1. The E-Myth Revisited is one of the finest books every written on entrepreneurship. While it is certainly commendable that you are already reading it at this early stage in your life/career, it is incredible that you are able to digest and even offer commentary on the subject. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you. Keep your thirst for knowledge strong!

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